The Situation:
For the second time in two weeks, I was delayed during travel due to inclement weather at my home airport - DFW. Upon finding out my flight was canceled, I called the AAdvantage Gold desk to rebook the reservations for myself, my wife and her son. Apparently it was very busy as I was disconnected four times while trying to speak with a representative. After finally reaching somebody (Mary, I think was her name) and sifting through several options that were no good or couldn't accommodate all three of us, we were booked on a flight the following day to Toronto and then on to DFW. Being an occasional international traveler, I asked at least twice to ensure that my family would not need passports as we were just on vacation and didn’t bring them with us. After a few minutes of being on hold, I was assured we would NOT need them, she said she even checked with an international agent to verify. By recommendation, I called twice more that night in hopes of finding a better route to return home, but to no avail.

Oh what a difference a day makes:
What a lucky man I must have been to have Tracy answer my call Wednesday (19 March 2008) morning while preparing to leave for ORD. Tracy answered very pleasantly despite being quite busy from the previous day’s delays and the resulting logistical nightmare. She did not rush over my reservation and more importantly she didn’t tell me to ‘keep trying back in case something opened up.’ Tracy first took the time to understand my situation and asked if we had passports. After replying no, she immediately sprung into action to find me and my family appropriate travel. Second, she was very thorough in her efforts to find something best suited to get us home. After listing several options; including just getting CLOSE to DFW (within 250 miles) so we could drive home, it was agreed that we all would fly ORD to LGA, my wife would travel LGA to DFW, her son and I would travel LGA to BOS and then BOS to DFW to arrive within 10 minutes of her late Wednesday night. Tracy kindly provided all of the details and asked if it would be OK if she could call my cell phone if anything better showed up. Over the next hour I received two calls from Tracy with the last being the best news I had heard in a fortnight. Tracy was able to find an added flight, three seats together, direct from ORD to DFW! Tracy mentioned that she was keeping a watch out and was about to step out for a break when this flight showed up. If she hadn’t had the caring attitude, the proper spirit and great initiative, my family and I would have just been another disgruntled bunch traveling out of our way just to get home. I just can’t thank her enough for giving that little extra to really make our week! If I could find my book of ‘Thank You Coupons’ that AA sent to me a while back, I would give her the whole stack!

Pass it on:

Over the last week, not a single day has passed without me telling somebody how great this ‘Tracy at the AA Gold desk’ is and what a great feeling to have been the recipient of such a nice deed. I hope this inspires me and reminds me to give that little extra and maybe make somebody feel as happy as Tracy did for me.